RedCrow Represents HCIE at GiTex 2016

  • Posted on: 24 July 2016


The HCIE has chosen RedCrow to represent Palestine in GITEX 36th Technology Week, which will be held in Dubai, and will start in the 16th of Oct. until the 21st of the same month.

Red Crow Intelligence is the first and the only of its kind in Palestine. It works on providing new solutions for individuals and institutions to reduce any potential danger. It does so by connecting the instantaneous security alarms with their geographic locations through certain maps. The company’s work depends on collecting and analyzing the data from the social networks, news, articles and whatever available to locate the political dangers geographically. HCIE staff has met with Mr. Hussien Nasser Aldin, RedCrow cofounder, who updated the staff about the latest news regarding the company’s work. He pointed that the company is about to get a two-year-investment-contract. Furthermore, the company is going to broaden its market to exceed Palestine; its work will reach and cover Egypt very soon. It is worth mentioning that the cooperation between the two parties started during the events of the First National Forum for Innovators in Palestine, when President Mahmoud Abbas honored the most prominent Palestinian entrepreneurs and innovators, and RedCrow was on top of them.